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Re: [Rollei] OT: Developing at high temperatures

Richard Urmonas wrote:
> Has anyone had experience developing black and white at high temperatures?
> Here in Adelaide Australia we are in summer so my cold tap water is at 27 deg
> (80 deg F for the non-metric speakers).  Room temperature is higher than this
> so I would need to be working at 28-29 deg (82-84 deg F).
> I am mainly concerned with how the negative tonality may change and any
> processing problems.
> I have read about "Tropical processing" which seems to harden the film early
> in the process to stop the gelatine swelling.  Would I need to do this?
> Thank you.
> Richard.
>  --
> Richard Urmonas
> rurmonas  

You put some Sodium SulFATE in to stop the negs from swelling.
But negs don't swell like they used to.
Mark Rabiner