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Re: [Rollei] OT: umlauts

Hi all

I can't resist and it cheers me up...

My fiancee is German and lives there so I needed to know these to 
write the occasional German text
here goes...

ALT 0252 = ü
ALT 0246 = ö
ALT 0235 = ë
ALT 0228 = ä
ALT 0223 = ß

hope this helps anyone who is keen on writing in German. Of 
course the English stand by is to put an "e" next to the letter 
instead of using the Umlauts.

That's all my advice.. that and don't purchase anything from Future 
Shop.... ever.....

anyone interested in the saga with he Evil Empire FS can ask me 
off list... it's a DOOOOZEY.

Happy Valentine's day to you all. ( that's my birthday.)

ps my Rollei STILL woks unlike my computer from Future Shop.

in school again.... ripping up photos for credit... go figure

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