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Re: [Rollei] Rollei f3.5 Lenses

Ed Balko wrote:

> Hello Everyone-
> I see that the post-war Rolleis were furnished with a variety of f3.5
> lenses; the Tessar, or course, but also the Zeiss Jena Triotar, and the
> Schneider Xenars and Xenon.
> How do these lenses compare among each other? (leaving the Planar and
> Xenotar out of the discusion). Are the 3.5Tessar, Triotar, and Xenar
> essentially equivalent optics from different sources? Was the Xenon a
> premium offering relative to the other 3.5 lenses.

Welcome Ed -

Don't think I've ever come across a Rollei with a Xenon... have you ever
seen one, and if so can you remember which one?

To answer you question briefly, the Triotar is a Cooke-style Triplet (3
elements in 3 groups), the Tessars and Xenars are both of the same
construction and more complex than the Triplet (4 elements in 3 groups)
offering higher corner resolutions at equivalent apertures. The Planars and
Xenotars are of more complex construction and offer even greater levels of
resolution away from the center at equivalent apertures and also greater
lens speed in some rolleiflex cameras (f/2.8).

Glad you've rediscovered your Rollei!

Eric Goldstein