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Re: [Rollei] A Rollei Poll, if I may ..

> - Over the period of time that you have had Rolleis, what was your favourite camera? And why?

Hmm,  how to define favorite?  My choice of camera depends on what is being
photographed.  Amongst the Rolleis my 2.8D is a common choice, due mainly to
the low light capabilities.  Of all my cameras the choice would be the Plaubel
Makina.  If I want to travel light it would be the Voigtländer Vito II.  If I
am cycle touring then a Rolleicord.

>     - Is this also the camera that you use the most?

Of the Rolleis the 2.8D is the most used. 
As for an overall figure it depends on what time period you are talking about. 
In the last 12 months it would probably be the Rollei 2.8D.  If you mean during
my life it would be the Voigtländer VF101 which has taken over half of the
photographs I have made (currently it is in the repair queue after an
unfortunate incident).

> - Between the 3.5Fs and 2.8Fs, which drew/draws your favour? And why?

Neither.  If someone gave me a "F" I would seriously consider selling it and
getting an older Rolleiflex, or a T.  I prefer simplicity.  I see the coupled
lightmeter as adding unnecessary complication and increasing the weight.  
The older Rollei's have just as good optical performance, have less to go
wrong, and weigh less.

> - In your very next shoot, which camera will you be using?

If I ever get time to use a camera again....
Hopefully a few months from now.
It will probably be the Plaubel Makina, or it could be a test film through one
of my cameras sitting in the repair queue.


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Richard Urmonas
rurmonas  .au