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RE: [Rollei] Rollei TLR use in my work

I love my Rollei 3.5 F for fast action kid shots.  But then I don't compose
a fast action shot with any cameral the same way I do a stationary one.  I
"lead" the subject slightly like shooting fowl; use zone focusing and the
Maxwell screen (which I now believe is a necessity) becomes a large, bright
gun sight.  The only thing I had to get used to with the Rollei is that
right is left, etc.  My kid shots actually have come out better than those
I've taken with 35mm SLRs.

I like swiveling at the waist better than the shoulders - less camera shake
and I don't have to remove the camera from my face to see the entire field
of action.  The ability to keep the camera in this one position minimizes
the loss of time it takes to drop the camera from your face, take in the
entire scene, plan the shot and then raise the camera back up to eye level.
I think the lack of an auto winder and flapping mirrors leads to crisper