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[Rollei] For a change of pace

I took my new 'cord out today at lunchtime and shot a roll of
tri-x.  This is the first roll of film through the camera (by me
:-)  It is a wonderful fall day here and I work on a college
campus so there is always something happening or people nearby.

To answer a question from last week, my Cord is S# 1091xxx, has
a compur-rapid shutter, and a schneider Xenar lens.

Question (and I'll browse the archives but just in case someone
knows of the top of their head): can I remove the "viewfinder"
(folding top assembly and glass screen) so that I can clean the
focusing lens, or is this best something left to a professional?
   I see four tiny screws, two on each side of the camera, but
don't need to make things worse by mucking about where I'm not
supposed to be.  Needs a CLA, and a maxwell screen, anyway but
I'm just poor at the moment.

It is a quite different way of taking photos than my FE2!  It'll
be a little less exciting once I get a working light meter...

Brian in sunny Tejas

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