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[Rollei] Re: Reis tripods

Yeah, I suppose I could use the Majestic head on it.

> Geese well don't get their head! That doubles the price on the whole thing!
> I'm not sure about those heads anyway.
> Me I've got tripod heads up the yin jang.
> It turns out the older style Gitzo ball heads are going to work out the best
> with this thing.
> As the platform is bigger not every head will work.
> All mine do though.

I sold the enlarger years ago... no my ex-wife got it as part of
community property. I did black and white in my 20s and 30s.  Now, I
just like shooting in color.  But I'll try contact prints if I get the
Portra 11x14, and if it can be processed in a print tube.

> What about black and white 11x14 to contact print?
> sell your enlarger and just have a VC lightbulb hanging from the ceiling!
> Mark Rabiner