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Re: [Rollei] Kodachrom in Germany


Yes, the mailers have no value. The cartriges must be marked "processing
pre-paid, (un-mounted)". Films sold in Europe usually are. The boxes are
marked PU.

There might be a local address in Ireland to send your film to.  Kodak will
forward the film to Lausanne. I'll check the mailer tonight.


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> >Yes, in Lausanne, Switzerland. It takes 3-6 weeks (!) to get a film
> >processed.
> While were on the subject I've got a couple of rolls of kodachrome
> with no mailers, can I just send them to the lab and expect them to
> process them or what's the story? Rollei content (the shots were
> taken with a 35E?, triotar.
> Larry Cuffe (in Ireland)
> >