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RE: [Rollei] Discharging NiCad 6008i Batteries

>> Hence my glowing recommendation for the Power Interface :)
> Roy... I must have missed those posts. What izzit?
> Doug

A poor picture of one is here....


Worth its weight in gold, IMHO. It replaces the battery in the chamber, and
hooks up to any 12-18 volt supply. In the studio, I use an AC adapter, and
in the field I use a car battery, as I often leave my stuff out for days
photographing nocturnal mammals. If I used the normal battery in the latter
case, it ran down inside two days, especially if left in QuickRelease mode,
and was a real pain. A car battery supplies my high speed flash units, and
the camera, and will last for months!

Unfortunately, it costs a couple of hundred bucks, but that is about 1.5