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[Rollei] 2.8E locked in double exposure mode

Yesterday I was out before dawn to shoot some early morning stuff along the
Historic Columbia Gorge Highway, and after finishing one roll, installed a
second. Upon shooting the first frame of the new roll, the wind handle would
not go forward, only in reverse, as if I had operated the double exposure
switch. Which I had not done. So I recocked it several times in reverse,
firing it off  with my hand covering the lens hood. It wouldn't go forward.
It did this to me once before, but after a couple of firings it unhooked
whatever gets hooked in double exp mode, and never again any problem until
yesterday. So I stuffed it in my backpack, and continued enjoying the
morning using my Rolleicord III, and a Konica. Last night I removed the 2.8E
from the pack and cranked slightly forward, which it did. It's working
again. Anybody ever have similar experiences? Ideas?