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Re: [Rollei] Scanning Velvia with Epson 2450


I've heard that about the 2450 before.  Some people lay their negs ON the
glass.  Your idea sounds easier on the negs. Thanks for the explanation.

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> Nathan,
> Since I plan to buy a 2450 soon and I do plan to use it for 4x5
> transparencies, this is very interesting to me.  I'm not sure I'm clear on
> what your template looks like.  Could you explain a little more?
> Gene
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> Gene
> I assume your question is directed to me.
> I simple cut the 8 1/2 x 11 thin plastic (I use black) to cover the glass
> plate of the 2450.  I also cut a section from the center scan area the
> of the negative/chrome I wish to scan.  I slightly undersize the opening
> I can get firm contact of the plastic sheet to the negative/chrome edges.
> This method places the negative/chrome about 15 thousands of an inch above
> the glass plate of the scanner.  The reason for all this is...it seems to
> an accepted truth that the epson 2450 s' focus plane is on, or just above
> the glass surface....not the plane of the scanners film holders.
> Even if the above was not true, the ability to firmly tighten the
> negative/chrome to a reasonably flat plan is a significant advantage over
> using the scanner holders.   Taping the chrome takes longer but I get
> improved scans.
> Hope this helps
> Dave Stratton
> Fairbanks, AK