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Re: [Rollei] Rolleicord model?

This list has been a bad influence on me.  I went out and bought a Rolleicord.

Maybe someone of the many experts here can tell me which one it is. The dealer wasn't sure.  I bought it anyway because it's absolutely pristine... except for brassing of the edges on the stap clips (very moderate) it looks brand new.

Lens is Schneider Xenar f 3.5
It says shutter is synchro-compur, but top speed is 1/250.

Body SN is 13667XX
Lens SN is 39726XX

Focus and film wind knobs are both on user's right.

I'll shoot a test roll tomorrow probably, but everything looks like it works perfectly. Glass bright, clean and clear, and no marks.  Shutter sounds good at all speeds.

Any idea what model version this would be? 

G. King


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