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Re: [Rollei] Rollie Wide

Jerry Lehrer wrote:

> Come to think of it, why would you want to use a WA lens
> for close ups?
> Jerry

it'd be useful in fashion photography, an example would be a photo in which
a close up of a model face or hips or legs or... could well lie on the
foreground with lots of background areas still in focus if that was the
desired effect. 
on the other side, my "normal" lens in 35 mm format is a Summicron 35, wish
I had the chance to afford a TLR like THE wide with a SA lens in it !!

Two old Rolleiwides were offered to me in my whole lifetime, I rejected
getting any of both. First time I didn't have the money enough, second one I
wouldn't have paid for a camera to be only collectable. It was in like new
condition, asking almost $ 4,000.- Too much money to be playing with in
streets or wherever else.

And Jerry, getting closer with a slight wide angle lens would lead you to
amazing imagery. Just try it out.